The Austenprose Pride & Prejudice Bicentenary Challenge 2013 & the TV show Wishbone

Wishbone? That dog on that PBS kid’s show that always was somehow swept up into a new literary adventure each week? What does that have to do with anything? 

Well, when I was looking to add things to my list for the P&P 200 Challenge, I decided to try some new things I’ve not read or watched before. I remembered that Wishbone covered many beloved classics, looked into it, and, lo and behold, it turns out there was definitely a P&P episode. Even better is that it is on YouTube, freely available to be watched whenever you choose. 

So, without any further adieu, I present you with Wishbone: Furst Impressions

I know they are not the world’s highest quality videos, but they are still entertaining and, best of all, free!


Late spring/early summer brought a whole new methodology to enjoying the tale of Pride & Prejudice. Hank Green (YouTube & Nerdfighter impresario) and Bernie Su have orchestrated a modern adaptation told primarily through the video diaries of Lizzie Bennet. Lizzie is working on her Masters Degree in Mass Communication and began “vlogging” as part of her thesis project. Through the videos, we are provided a narrative told primarily from Lizzie’s point of view. Primarily, not entirely? No, because Charlotte Lu, her “bestie since birth,” editor and go-to for camera work, makes comments and keeps Lizzie on track. “Positively perfect in every way” elder sister Jane and bombastic party-girl little sister Lydia also get their say in the goings-on of Lizzie’s life. Other characters make appearances as Lizzie goes places like the inevitable Netherfield, and visits Charlotte  at Collins and Collins (standing in for Rosings)… which brings other players into our story. This is some seriously entertaining, compelling storytelling. In the course of things, these characters have all the requisite media accounts, spanning across Facebook, Twitter, tumblr, Pinterest, LookBook and even Google+ Lydia, in a fit a pique, began her own video diary series. Maria Lu, little sister to Charlotte and an intern at Collins and Collins began her own vlog, too. You can even page through the website of Collins and Collins, as well as the newly revealed Pemberley Digital. “This is all too much information”, you say. “Where on earth would I begin,” you ask. The answer is simple! Begin at the beginning! LBD fans seem to be a very enthusiastic and helpful bunch of people.

The most obvious place to start is with episode one:

Make sure add in the Q&A videos.

Don’t forget Lydia.

Or Maria.

And Twitter…

All the characters have their own Twitter accounts, but they’ve done something really cool here. We were introduced to Georgiana “Gigi” Darcy months before we ever actually meet her, via her interactions with the other principals on Twitter. You can either round up the characters on your own and try to follow the timing of the back-and-forths on the feed, OR you can use the short cut provided by Ana Barbara who has graciously created a list that follows only the LBD people and the people interacting with them.

If you get truly curious, Jane has both LookBook and Pinterest accounts. Lydia and Lizzie have tumblrs. Collins and Collins is a “real” website, as is Pemberley Digital.

Anyways, this has been such an enjoyable experience for me, I just wanted to make sure I shared it with you!

It’s Raining Men! Hallelujah!

Generally, I am not a huge fan of ‘tribute’ montages. Too many of them are done very poorly and the sheer volume of bad ones just make it that much more difficult to find the good ones. And this is a good one. I hope you enjoy. Online Puzzles Just click on an image to solve the puzzle.

When finished playing, simply click on the ‘exit’ button to return to this page!

Have fun and check back often for new puzzles to play with!

p&p rosings - online jigsaw puzzle - 40 pieces   wentworth letter - online jigsaw puzzle - 40 pieces   willoughby & marianne - online jigsaw puzzle - 40 pieces   northanger abbey - online jigsaw puzzle - 40 pieces  Darcy-letter - online jigsaw puzzle - 40 pieces   Darcy-The Look - online jigsaw puzzle - 42 pieces    mr and mrs darcy - online jigsaw puzzle - 40 pieces        newlywed Darcys - online jigsaw puzzle - 42 pieces Jane Austen Portrait - online jigsaw puzzle - 42 pieces Collins- Longbourn is MINE! muah-ha-ha! - online jigsaw puzzle - 40 pieces P&P I who knew what he was.... - online jigsaw puzzle - 40 pieces       muse - online jigsaw puzzle - 42 pieces   plot bunnies - online jigsaw puzzle - 40 piecesP&P teasing Lizzy - online jigsaw puzzle - 45 pieces disguise of any sort wordle - online jigsaw puzzle - 40 pieces

Jane Austen Books free online!

Did you know that Jane Austen’s works can be found on Project Gutenberg?   Follow each link below to the access the complete text of any novel. Through Project Gutenburg, you can also find downloadable, PDF and audio versions as well!

~Sense and Sensibility~       ~Pride and Prejudice~      ~Emma~                                 ~Mansfield Park~      ~Northanger Abbey~       ~Persuasion~

 Starting right here, right now: Campaign for Best Actor for The King’s Speech!

So, to sum up- ODB was robbed by “The Dude” at the Oscars! *sigh*I say we begin campaigning for next year!

At least ODB actually looked like a star! (Squee!)


 We’re just glad the rest of the world is finally figuring out what we’ve known for years now!  Sigh! Someday…..

More coming soon….

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