Never Listen To Your Mother’s Advice


Elizabeth had been warned about the first time.

Others had tried to explain the invigorating feeling, the pure adrenaline rush which she was now experiencing, but they had all been wrong.

It was all that and so much more!

She and Darcy were climbing what may have been their third peak, she couldn’t remember, she’d lost count. The anticipation was almost more than she could bear. Elizabeth shut her eyes tightly and just enjoyed the thrill of the slow ascent, that feeling of freedom and flying which seemed to transport them to another time and place.

As they crested the peak together and picked up speed, Elizabeth’s screams joined Darcy’s loud cries. At last, they descended from their euphoric heights and came back down to earth. Though they had finally stopped moving, their pulses were still racing fast and Elizabeth felt like her heart was in her throat.

Elizabeth couldn’t help herself. She began to giggle. She was positive this was not the most mature response to such an experience, but she was so giddy that there was nothing else she could do.

Darcy was not at all offended, but rather amused by her laughter. “I take it you enjoyed yourself then Elizabeth?”

“I have to admit that I did, much more than I thought I would,” Elizabeth smiled. “It wasn’t at all like I thought it would be. I should have never listened to my mother.”

That she had chosen to listen to Mrs. Bennet’s advice on anything at all surprised Darcy. “I don’t understand why you did in this instance anyways. Your mother is hardly a roller coaster aficionado.”

“No, she’s not,” Elizabeth admitted. “I’ve learned my lesson. I’ll just trust you implicitly in all things.”

 He laughed. “See? I knew we should have left the ‘submit to your husband’ bit in our vows. I suppose it’s too late now though.”

“Funny man, you are. Now, what other thrills do you have planned for me today? What’s next, the Spine-Bender or the Whip Lash?”

“Neither. As much as I love coasters, they’re over too soon. The thrills I have planned for us will last substantially longer than two minutes.”

“While this was thrilling,” she gave him a wicked smile, “I do like the rides at home much better.”

Darcy heartily agreed. The still-newlywed Mr. and Mrs. Darcy then proceeded (as quickly as possible!) to head for the privacy of home. There they found endless amusements, thrills and excitement not only that day, but for the rest of their lives.




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