I know it’s been a while. A long while. Well, in internet time, eons more like. I haven’t forgotten about writing. Nor have I forgotten about my readers, either. It has been an unbelievably long time since I dusted around here, and I’m sorry, but I had no idea some of the links had gotten wonky. My father passed away. My grandmother, too. My eldest has had lots of medical issues. Life, well, life just got super busy. However, things seem to be settling down a little bit. Found my lost files on my old computer’s hard drive and have been working on uncorrupting them. I’ve also been working on some new things, too, as well as chiseling away at the stories that have been waiting far too long for conclusions. In the meantime, I’ve fallen off all of the boards and hadn’t been very social in any of the forums, but I am looking to slowly, steadily reenter the amazing world of JAFF.

Thank you for being patient with me, and for never giving up. I appreciate your support more than I can say. I’ve missed writing, and I’ve missed interacting with everybody.





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Welcome to my plot-bunny garden!

Since I began my crazy writing  journey in November of 2008 with NaNoWriMo, I’ve been terrorized by plot-bunnies! I know that bunnies, as a rule, seem to be all cute and cuddly. Plot-bunnies, however, are not! Mine demand attention and refuse to be silenced and as such, they need an outlet before they destroy the work I’m cultivating elsewhere. It’s very hard to focus on my WWII novel and what led to Pearl Harbor when you have bunnies hopping around whispering: ‘Now what if you were to take a break and write about this instead?’ My plot-bunny garden is like any other garden… sometimes things are in bloom and all is bright and beautiful and sometimes serious pruning and weeding is needed. Oftentimes the posts here are pre-Beta and, as such, can be raw. Grammatical errors, tense issues, awkward or trite sentances may occur. Like a gardener, I work on the seeds in my garden until they are ready to harvest. That said, I am proud of many of the things in my garden (some more than others) and thank you for taking the time to stop by and look. If you have any comments, whether they’re praise or censure, please feel free to email me at meanderingsandmissives@gmail.comThanks, and (hopefully) enjoy!

-Jen aka michchickplot bunnies

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