A short while ago, I ran a contest to see if anyone knew where the phrase ‘first step into a larger world ‘ came from and Alanna repsonded with the correct answer- Obi-Wan Kenobi says it to Luke Skywalker in Star Wars: A New Hope. As her reward, she got to pick a short of her choice. She chose a Star Wars theme and this, for better or worse, is the result. It’s the cast of characters from Resolution and Resignation. It is pretty Star Wars-centric, but a huge knowledge of Star Wars isn’t necessary. I’ve posted pcitures of some of the costumes below.

First Step into a Larger World- a Resolution and Resignation continuation

October 29th, 2012 

Getting ready…

“I cannot believe you got me to agree to this,” grumbled William Darcy as he adjusted his utility belt.

Elizabeth Darcy laughed. “You need to undo one or two more buttons. Han is a hunk, remember?”

Will & Lizzy's costumes.

Exasperated by both his costume and the idea of being seen in public like this, Darcy whined, “Remind me why we’re doing this again?”

Lizzy helped untidy his shirt a bit more. “Because Charlie is our friend and brother, we love him and support him, that’s why.”

Looking for assurance, Will asked, “That other Leia costume…”

Lizzy whispered, “Will be worn, just for you, after the party.”

He gave a small bow and kissed her hand. “Thank you your Worshipfulness.”

She was impressed that he finally was beginning to play along. “And I thought Charlie was the Star Wars geek.”

Will shrugged, “He’s made me watch the DVDs with him often enough. I suppose it just sinks in. I still can’t believe he’s throwing a Star Wars Halloween party.”

Aiden and Adrianna Bingley's costumes.

Lizzy laughed. “It’s the thirty-fifth anniversary! And you know Charlie’s always looking for any excuse to throw a shindig. He’s even talked Jane into dressing the twins in costume. Adrianna is an Ewok and poor Aiden going as a Jawa.”

“We really don’t have to go, do we? Elanna and Grace are so young… are you sure it’ll be safe to leave them for the night?”

“Elanna will have so much fun toddling around after Georgie’s puppy and Grace is now two months old. I guarantee they will both be much happier if their mother is taken out for an evening by her handsome father and left in the care of their wonderful aunt for just a few hours! I need to go out tonight Will. I need to go out and speak with other grown-ups about something other than feeding times and changing diapers and what age goes with what milestones.  Please Will; can you do this for me?”

Will nodded and apologized. “I know I can be selfish sometimes. I’m sorry. I’m not looking forward to this and hadn’t considered that you’ve been cooped up here for such a long time now. We’ll go out, we’ll dance, we’ll chat with our friends and family and I’ll be every bit the charming rogue that I’m supposed to be.”

“That’s all I ask Will.”

“Sure thing, your Highness.”

At the party….

Charlie and Jane's costumes.

Charlie and Jane had greeted everyone with their usual cheerfulness. Gatherings like this were something the Bingley’s thrived on.

As they entered the hall, Will whispered to a giggling Lizzy, “I have a bad feeling about this.”

 Having overheard his friend and seeing Will’s discomfort, Charlie said, “You know, Obi-Wan once told me that I’d taken my first step into a larger world. At the time, I had no idea just how large a world he meant!”

Even Will got this one and felt pleased that he remembered his cue, “That wizard is just a crazy old man.”

Charlie chuckled and slapped Will on the back to show his approval, while Will silently wondered if he’d survive the night at all.

Lizzy was slightly befuddled. “I get that you’re supposed to be Luke Skywalker. It’s clear enough. White kimono-thingy and the pants, boots, lightsaber and all, it makes sense and I get it. But Charlie, if you’re Luke, who the heck is Jane here? I can’t believe you’d dress Jane as a secondary character!”

Jane shook her head and laughed. “While I’m not a primary movie character, I’m a primary universe character. I’m Mara Jade!”

Darcy looked to Lizzy who in indicated she had no clue either. Will asked, “Mara who?”

Charlie, with all his fan-boy boisterousness, explained, “Mara Jade! She was the Emperor’s Hand and had natural force abilities. She was supposed to kill Luke for the Emperor back on Tatooine at Jabba’s Palace but she never had the opportunity. They shared a lot of adventures together and eventually fell in love. Mara and Luke married and helped rebuild the New Republic together.”

Lizzy laughed at that. “Jane, you are married to the biggest geek ever.”

Jane Bingley beamed. “I know. Isn’t it wonderful?”

Will looked around the room. Aliens and strangely dressed people were everywhere.  “I hear the twins are in on the act too. Where are they?”

Erick Hurst's costume.

Jane answered, “Louise and Randy have them around here somewhere. Aiden and Adrianna love playing with their cousin Erick. Little Erick is dressed like Yoda and is the cutest little thing! Too bad you two didn’t bring Elanna and Grace.”

Lizzy chuckled at that. “As what? It sounds as though all the good ‘little’ costumes are spoken for!”

Will was about to say that he’d never been to a more ‘interesting’ party when the band started up.

Musician's 'Cantina' alien masks.

 Instantly, everyone’s attention was drawn to the dais and the crowd’s reaction was a loud cheer and thunderous applause. The band was dressed in black and they all wore very large, bulbous masks with huge onyx eyes that made them look like the band from the Cantina in the original Star Wars movie. People began to make their way to the dance floor and Will realized he needed to make good on his promise to Lizzy.

“Your Worshipfulness, you wouldn’t want to dance with a space jockey like me, would you?”

Wookie costume.

She laughed and took his hand. “I suppose it would be better than dancing with a Wookie.”

They began to dance and just enjoy spending these moments together in each other’s arms. It had been far too long since they’d had an opportunity like this. Darcy was in the middle of a long trial that had gone on for five weeks already and despite technically being on maternity leave, Lizzy was still doing nearly the same level of work before, but just without the benefit of her office.

“This isn’t so bad now, is it?” Lizzy asked.

He kissed the top of her head. “I was just thinking that very thing.”

She sighed in his arms. “I love you.”

“I know.”

“I tell you ‘I love you’ and you tell me ‘I know’? What is wrong with you William Darcy?”

“I am Han Solo, captain of the Millenium Falcon and you, my dear, seem to have forgotten that you are Princess Leia Organa, formerly of the planet Alderaan.”

She laughed at that. “So Charlie has turned you into a great big nerd too? Oh my!”

He teased her back. “Said the woman who gets referred to as Lizzy-Wan Kenobi.”

Lizzy held up a hand in defeat. “Alright, I should know better than to question the right, honorable Judge Darcy.”

Will’s eyes twinkled. “Yes, you should!”                       

Knowing she’d lost her case but that he was always fair when it came to punishments, at least for her, she said very seriously, “Yes, your Honor.”

With a wink and a grin, Darcy leaned in and said, “No Lizzy, I’m not your Honor. Tonight I get to be a rogue! Did I mention that the Falcon is the ship that made the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs?”

Dinner is served…

Richard and Charlotte's costumes.

Seated across from Will and Lizzy were Richard and Charlotte Fitzwilliam. The Fitzwilliams had come dressed as Padmé Amidala and Anakin Skywalker.

Lizzy poked Will and said, “Aren’t you going to say ‘hi’ to my mom and dad?”

Darcy laughed while Richard frowned and said, “You behave there with my daughter Han, or I’ll Force-choke you!”

Will rolled his eyes. “Very funny Mannequin.”

Richard corrected him. “That’s Anakin, thank you.”

Darcy leaned forward and said quietly, “I was referring to your terrible acting in the movies.”

“Elizabeth Darcy, what on earth have you done to my cousin? He makes jokes now? I suppose next you’ll tell me it wasn’t even difficult to get him to dress up tonight!” exclaimed Richard.

Lizzy admitted, “It took a bit of bribery, but, no, it wasn’t overly difficult.”

Their conversation was interrupted when Anne DeBourgh, dressed as a bounty hunter, teased her cousin. “Taking bribes now Darce?

Anne DeBourgh's costume.

 You better hush that up before the next election!”

 Darcy feigned insult. “Bribes? No. Favors? Definitely. At least from Lizzy.”

Lizzy blushed which was all the more noticeable because of the contrast with her all-white costume.

Anne was pleased with both Darcys. Watching their marriage, as well as the Bingley’s and the Fitzwilliam’s, gave her hope that not all unions were doomed to end in her office.

With a smile, Anne teased, “Seriously Elizabeth, what have you done to my dour cousin? Rich and I were remarking that he’s nearly unrecognizable these days! And before you go rushing to his defense, let me assure you that it’s a good thing!”

Charlotte’s glass needed to be refilled and as Richard was pouring from the pitcher, the beverage seemed even bluer somehow than it did before.

“Bingley!” cried Richard. “Where on earth did you get this, this stuff that you’re making us drink?”

Blue Milk (aka Bantha milk)

“Actually, not on earth at all!” Charlie proudly proclaimed. “It’s a beverage you should well know, seeing as you’re Anakin! It’s Aunt Beru’s blue milk of course.”

Richard nodded to Darcy, who was trying his best not to laugh, and said, “Oh, of course.”

Charlie, a bit defensively, explained, “Yes, of course! Anakin, dear father, you are from Tatooine just like I am and should appreciate having this imported beverage from home.”

Jane watched everyone’s reactions as they examined their cups more closely. “Oh grow up! It’s just blue kool-aid with thickener in it. You guys are all worse than the twins!”

As Jane Bingley was usually the quiet one, no one knew at first what to say after her outburst.

Darcy, who’d become fast friends with his favorite sister-in-law, laughed first. “Jane, I think you’re taking being a red-head too seriously tonight!”

For a moment, Jane stared back at Will blankly until she recalled her costume was completed by a long cascade of flaming ginger locks. The moment recognition dawned on Jane’s face, everyone at their table burst out in merry laughter.

Highlights from the evening…

The rest of the evening passed by in the same fashion that any grand party thrown by the ever-gregarious Bingley did. There was more dancing, there was more food, there was more of, well, everything.

Charlie had arranged for some fencing masters to come and give a demonstration on the finer points of using lightsabers. There were acrobats who showed how one might be able to move when the Force is strong in you. Big screen monitors were set up with gaming systems where guests could play games and be their favorite characters.

Jabba the Hut costume.

Through the night, highlights from the saga were projected up on the various screens about the room. There was a costume contest and one of Bingley’s business partners won for dressing as a very convincing Jabba the Hut.

Everyone remarked that this was one of Bingley’s best soirees yet, and that, based on the amount of parties Charlie threw alone, was a very great compliment.

 Eventually, it was time to break up the party and everyone said their good-byes and headed for home.


Home again….

The Darcys navigated their way home safely, having avoided all bounty hunters and Imperial starships. Upon arriving home, Will and Lizzy checked in on their daughters and found them to be peacefully asleep. After thanking the nannies for their diligent care of Elanna and Grace, the Darcys bid everyone good-night and retired for the evening.

The moment they left the nursery, Will’s face showed an eager grin of anticipation. Yes, he’d had a great deal more fun at the Bingley’s than he’d previously thought possible, but as much as he’d changed through the years, he still preferred a quiet night at home with his wife above all other things,

And now he would receive his reward.

Lizzy's 'other' costume.

It is a truth almost universally acknowledged that one costume stands out above all others in the Star Wars saga for men of a certain age: Princess Leia’s gold bikini. It matters not how many times the movies have been seen, or whether a man would classify himself as a fan-boy like Charlie or a casual fan like Will, the image of Leia in her slave garb, tied to Jabba, in Return of the Jedi was burned into every adolescent boy’s brain.

When the theme of the party had been announced, Lizzy had brought home a wide selection of costumes. As they worked out what would be best to wear, she had noticed Will’s reaction to the gold bikini and knew she had her inducement to participate. It was decided that Will would be the handsome Corellian rapscallion and Lizzy would be the Princess who tames the untamable.

As the evening drew closer and Will’s complaints grew louder, it was then that Lizzy explained that not all the costumes had gone back. Lizzy then made a plea bargain. In exchange for Will’s full cooperation, she’d wear the costume when they got home from the party.

Will was not a huge sci-fi fan by any means. Strange worlds and fighting amongst the stars with alien races just seemed total nonsense to him. Then he went to the movies with Richard during the tenth anniversary re-releases of the movies. He was enthralled more than he’d ever admit to anyone, even his wife. There was something wonderful about the simple tale of good-versus-evil, the little guy trying to get out from the oppression of the big guy that really appealed to Will even as a kid. Of course, his eye had been caught by a certain captive in the third movie, but he could never admit to it. To do so would show that he had something in common with that lowlife George Wickham and that would never do. No, Will Darcy had to live to a higher standard. He was a Darcy.

Yet his Lizzy had known. And now she would wear that outfit and he would be a very happy man. At the party, the guys all nearly broke their necks searching to see if anyone had worn it. Disappointment ran high that no one had dared it. Then Richard joked that maybe it was a good thing. It was clearly not an outfit that everyone could do justice and, after all, Will was all about justice.

Will was waiting on their bed for Lizzy to get ready. She had teased that what would take the longest was getting her hair out of those ridiculous buns she’d worn. Will didn’t want to be rude, but her hair was the very least of things on his mind at the moment.

Finally, he heard her ask if he was ready.

“All night,” was his reply.

He still couldn’t see her, but he heard her. “Then I’m sorry to have kept you waiting flyboy.”

She turned on some John William’s music and finally came into view.

Will already found his wife to be far and away more gorgeous than any other woman but tonight, she was more than that, she was his fantasy too. He finally caught his breath and rose to receive her.

He enveloped her in his arms and pulled her close. She shivered with his warm touch against her cold skin.

Lizzy recognized that look in his eyes as he said, “Your Highness.”

She couldn’t resist teasing him. “I thought I was supposed to be a slave.”

Will shook his head and told her the truth. “No, Lizzy. I have, and will always be, your slave. I love you.”

She gave him a wink and replied, “I know,” just before she kissed him.

Precisely nine months later, Adam Darcy joined his sisters Elanna and Grace in the nursery.

May the Force be with you all!

The End…..


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