*Chapter Sixty-Seven*

Liz had just pulled back into her parking space in her building’s garage when her cell phone rang. Putting her Escape in park, she pulled out her cell from her purse and answered, “Hey, JJ.”

Jane Bingley fired without taking a breath, “Bethy, don’t you ‘hey, JJ’ me! How was it? Did you do well? Of course you did! So, do we get to call you doctor yet?”

“Technically, no. I have not yet been ‘made’ a doctor, but yes, I did very well and I’m getting my doctorate!”

Jane squealed, “Oh, Beth! Congratulations! I am so happy for you! I expect you and that handsome man of yours will go out and celebrate tonight.” There were times, though not very often, that Jane sounded like her mother and this was one of them. Liz smiled and, knowing her step-sister wouldn’t appreciate the comparison, decided to keep this observation to herself.

“I wish.” Liz tried to keep the whine from her voice. “Will’s still in New York. Our celebration will just have to wait until tomorrow night.”

“Well, Friday’s a better night to go out anyways,” Jane offered, positive as always.

“That’s true,” Liz admitted. “Hey, did I tell you who’s coming to visit next week?”

“No. Have you been holding the good gossip from me? And I thought we were friends more than sisters.”

“Oh, please!” Liz laughed. “Save the pathetic whining for someone it might work on like your husband. I, as you well know, am quite immune to your ploys. Now, do you want to hear or not?”

“Of course. Things are so quiet here now with everyone gone. We miss you guys… I’m so sorry our visit didn’t quite go off as we planned.”

“Ah, but it did! Didn’t you and Bil intend for me and Will to fall madly in love? Mission accomplished. The rest is inconsequential. Except for the hunting… I’m still pretty ticked about that.”

“Yes, you two did work out rather well, didn’t you? And you already know Charlie’s sorry.” Jane was pleased that her dearest sister had finally found true love. However, there was still information that had not yet been shared and Jane intended to find out what it was. “So, this visitor? Who is it?”

“Visitor? That’s right, we got side-tracked. Carrie’s little luncheon a few weeks ago with Denny reminded him there were some of us who knew him before he was rich, famous and fabulous. We had a long talk the other day and he’s coming up to Boston for a few days next week.”

“How fun! I bet you guys will have a blast with your reunion. How long has it been?”

“I don’t know, at least seven years anyways. Too long. He’s such a doll and I can’t wait to introduce him to Will.”

Jane laughed. “Do you think they’ll get along alright?”

“They’d better!” was Liz’s reply.

Liz then asked how Jane was feeling and how the baby was doing. Jane gushed as she told how the baby was much more active now and enjoyed telling her sister how Charlie had actually cried when he first felt the baby move. “He tries to act like he’s all manly-man, but he’s actually just a big ball of goo… at least when it comes to the baby.”

“Oh, I don’t know… he’s pretty gooey about you, too. That’s great that Charlie’s excited about his impending fatherhood. I know I can’t wait to be an aunt.”

“And Fitz? What does he think about becoming an uncle?”

“Honestly? We haven’t really discussed it a whole lot. But I’m sure he’s definitely good with it, especially since I know that in the next few years he’d like to become a father.”

“Whoa!” Jane couldn’t hide her surprise. “If I ever had any doubts that you guys weren’t really serious, they’re gone now. You guys really had the kids talk?”

“We’ve touched on it… and he’s ready anytime I am. The ball, so to speak, is firmly in my court. He knows that I’m just starting out with my career and he completely expects me to take a few years to get situated before we go and change everything by having a baby.”

For someone who had a loving, caring man who was letting her make all the decisions, Liz didn’t sound as thrilled as Jane thought she would be. “And how do you feel about that?”

“Will is so wonderful and has been nothing but considerate of my feelings when we discuss the future.”

Jane sighed. Liz never could keep anything secret from her. “Right, and yet I’m sensing a ‘but’ in there. So, Will is rainbows and unicorns and super-sensitive… But…”

But… I’m wondering if it’s really weird that I don’t think I want to wait a few years? I mean, what’s wrong with me, JJ?”

“There’s nothing wrong with you at all, Beth! It’s perfectly normal to start having thoughts about the future when you finally find who you want to spend it with. It’s not like babies were on your brain and went out to find a man… you found a man and then started to think about having children. If you don’t want to wait a few years that’s fine… but Elisabeth, there’s no rush either. You’re plenty young, and Will’s hardly old. The only thing you really need to be concerned about, as far as I know, is your diabetes.”

“You’re right. You’ll have to forgive me, I’m a little bit hormonal or something myself today. God, I miss Will.” She sighed. “How can someone I didn’t even know a month ago have become the most important person in my life so fast? I sound so clingy and pathetic, don’t I?”

“No, you sound like a woman in love,” Jane reassured her. She then giggled to add, “And maybe just a touch pathetic.”

“Gee, thanks.” Liz then caught the time on her car display. “Wow. I’ve been sitting here in my car yakking with you for way too long. I love you JJ, but I ought to get upstairs and eat or Will’s gonna kill me for letting my sugar drop.”

Jane was touched. “He really does look out for you, doesn’t he?”

Liz stated simply, “He loves me.”

“Yes, he sure seems to, and so do me and Charlie. Now go on, go get something to eat and call Will before he climbs the wall worrying about you!”

“Thanks, JJ. Should you talk to the Bennets, you could let them know it went well, you know, only if they care enough to ask. I’ll be sure to tell CC myself.”

“They do love you, Beth. They really do, even if you don’t believe it.”

“I don’t, but thanks anyways. I’m in a good mood, so I’m not going to discuss them with you right now. What I am going to do is really hang up and get going now. I’ll talk to you and Bil later, okay?”

They bid each other one final good-bye and hung up. Liz gathered the last of her folders from school and made her way into the building. There she was greeted by her doorman Guillermo, who was very happy to see her.

The big man came out from around his monitor station to greet her with a fatherly hug. “Miss Gardiner! How’d your big day go? I betcha knocked them stiffs over there dead with your smarts. You’re one heck of a lady, Miss- or is that doctor now? Gardiner. Brains and beauty… you got ‘em both, ma’am, in spades.”

Liz returned the hug and said, “Thank you, Guillermo! You say the absolute sweetest things. It went very well today and, for now, I’m still just plain old Elisabeth Gardiner.” She leaned in to whisper, “But I’ll be Dr. Gardiner very soon.”

“I’m so proud of you, Miss Gardiner! You gotta celebrate this momentous achievement of yours… where’s that fella of yours been at? He oughta be here at a time like ‘dis. I ain’t seen that other funny fella either, nows I think about it.”

“Funny fellow?” When Liz realized what he meant, she laughed. “Oh, you mean Henry? He’s not funny, he’s just British.”

I say he’s funny, but if you say he ain’t, then I’m not gonna argue the matter. So, the question is: where are they?”

“They’re in New York for a business venture. They should both be back tomorrow afternoon sometime. And while I’m thinking about it, I’m to have another guest arrive next week.”

“I’m glad you got friends that are close ta you. It’s too bad yer family gives you such trouble. Just don’t understand what’s their problem.”

“That makes two of us, because I don’t get it either. Anyways, my old friend from Illinois, Denny Fields, is coming to stay with me for a few days next week. Maybe you’ve heard of him?”

Guillermo gave it a moment before he answered honestly, “Can’t say that I have.”

Liza grinned, “Well, I guarantee McKenna has, ask her when you talk to her next. She’ll tell you all about Dennis.”

It had taken a second or two before Guillermo understood Denny was not an odd nickname for Danielle, but was short for Dennis, a man’s name. “So this Denny character is another guy? You’ll have ta pardon me for sayin’ so, but it ain’t right… you havin’ three guys up in your place, with you bein’ a single lady and all.”

His concern, misplaced as it was, touched her. “Now Guillermo, I’m a big girl and I promise you I’ll be just fine. Will’s my fiancé, Henry’s his business associate and Denny is my oldest friend in the world. If it’s my safety you are concerned about, you really needn’t worry.” She tried to think of a way to put it so he would understand. “My friend Denny… he’s a fashion designer. He creates high fashion shoes and accessories.”

“Ah, so he not only makes the loafers, but he wears them extra-light ones. I get ya now. If that’s the case, I won’t worry ‘bout it then… though you may wanna keep an eye on that fella of yours, since from what McKenna tells me, he’s quite the looker.”

“I’m pretty sure Will’s got nothing to worry about either. Thanks, Guillermo, for looking out for me.”

“No problem, Miss Gardiner. Just doin’ my duty, and in your case, it’s nothing but pleasure.”

She gave him another hug before going upstairs to check her sugar and grab a quick bite before calling Will.


Will glanced at his watch and wondered for the millionth time if this day was ever going to end. The morning had nearly degenerated into a shouting match between the senior executives of both companies. Axiom was positive they were going to be sold off and disbanded, losing all their company benefits and whatever seniority they possessed. Nothing anyone from Pemberley said seemed to reassure them otherwise and nothing was getting accomplished. Lunch had been a miserable affair. Max had a mountain of concerns that he needed to address with Will. So, because of Max, Will had been unable to speak with Alton to let him know his decision. Then there was Henry. He’d excused himself from lunch, stating he had a prior engagement- something that Will found very hard to believe. If something good didn’t happen soon, his head was going to explode.

Just when Will was about to invent an excuse to leave the meeting for a few minutes, his mobile rang. With a wry smile, Will made his now legitimate excuse and left the conference room to speak to Liz. “Hello, Love. How did it go?”

She could no longer hold in her excitement. Liz bubbled with tangible energy. “Hello, Sweetheart, it went very well! I’m really going to be a doctor!”

Her excitement was catching. “Congratulations, that’s fantastic! I knew you would do it. I love you, Liz.”

“Thanks, Will. I love you, too! I talked to JJ earlier… she and Bil send their love as well.”

“How’s Jane faring these days?”

“She’s doing well. The baby’s pretty active now from what she says. She even said Charlie cried the first time he felt the baby move. JJ also asked if you’d like being an uncle.”

“I’m not surprised about Chip. He’s always wanted kids. I like the idea of being part of a pair with you- Uncle Will and Aunt Liz. Aunt and Uncle Darcy. Sounds pretty good to me. My Cousin John’s kids call me Uncle Will… I’m sure they’ll love having a new aunt to dote on them.”

“How many kids does your cousin have again? I forget.”

“John and Michelle have three- for now. There’s Michael, at six, he’s the oldest. There’s Sarah- two years younger than Mikey and then there’s Roger, who’s merely ten months younger than Sarah. They are such dear children, I’m sure that in no time you’ll love them as much as I do.”

“I’m sure I will. I look forward to meeting all your family, Will. Now, I’ve told you about my day- and before you ask, I ate and my sugar is just fine- it’s your turn to tell me how your day is going.”

“First, you are a lifesaver. Had you not rang me just now, I was about to resort to creating some kind of diversion to escape before I caused someone bodily harm.”

Liz sympathized, “Meeting’s that bad, huh?”

“You have no idea, Love. Second, I don’t know how to articulate to these people in any plainer terms what we’re offering them. It seems that nearly the whole lot of them would rather go down with the ship than take a chance on us rescuing them. Seems they’re afraid we’ll dismantle the whole company, despite our track record to the contrary. These people are terrified of their own shadows at this point, and can’t see a good thing standing right in front of them. Honestly, I have no idea what else I can do. If they can’t come to a decision by lunch tomorrow, I’m taking our offer off the table and flying home to you. Axiom be damned.”

“Home to me, I like the sound of that.”

“Me, too. Third, I’m having the damndest time focusing because someone was making suggestive comments to me this morning and that’s all I’ve been able to think about all day. It’s a good thing we’re already well-off, Love, because I can’t seem to think straight anymore. I fear Pemberley may be in grave danger.”

Liz laughed, which was exactly what Will needed to hear right then. “Nice. Blaming me for your shortcomings, Mr. Darcy? Tsk-tsk. I thought better of you than that. You make me sound quite fatal!”

“No, Love, not fatal. You are necessary… like the air I breathe. The problem, as I see it, is that at present you are frankly too bloody far away from me. Now that you are such a part of me, I can’t be without you. I hope that doesn’t sound too pathetic, but even if it does, it’s the truth.”

“We are quite a pair, my dear William. I said nearly the same thing, down to calling myself pathetic, to JJ not even an hour ago. I’ve never put much stock in that whole idea of someone being your other half… to me, it just seemed like so much nonsense. But now, now I get it and I think it makes sense. What do you think?”

“I agree. Not only are you my other half, you’re my better, make that superior, half. What time can we talk online tonight? This is nice, but if I can’t be there with you, I’d like to still see you.”

“I assume they’re going to try to wine and dine you again tonight?”

“It seems likely… especially since nothing seems to be going right.”

“Then let’s make it a date for nine. If you aren’t back by then, just call me.”

“Better yet, you can ring me. I may need the excuse… one of the shareholders is particularly difficult to dodge.”

“I can do that. I love you, Will… you’ll get this all straightened out, I know it.”

“Thank you for the vote of confidence. Some people just refuse to see what’s best… I can’t make them do anything they don’t want to do.”

“That may be so, but I believe in you.”

“I can’t tell you how much that means to me, except to say that I love you. And I miss you.”

“I miss you, too… if we’re really lucky, perhaps you’ll be home in less than twenty-four hours. Now, go get ‘em, Tiger!”

It was Will’s turn to laugh. “Wait. Isn’t that what Mary Jane always says to Peter Parker?”

“Yep. You’re my superhero, William Darcy. Now, go make this thing happen so you can come home happy.”

“Regardless if it happens or not, coming home to you will always make me happy.”

After another minute or two, they were finally able to say good-bye only because they had a definite appointment for later that evening. Fortified by Liz’s belief in his ability to make things happen, Will walked confidently back into the meeting, demanded everyone’s full attention, then stated for the umpteenth time what Pemberley could do for Axiom. Whether it was his take-charge attitude or just the fact that they’d heard the proposal a million times already, the Axiom people finally were willing to listen. By five, they were half-way through negotiations. They agreed to finish the deal in the morning and all parties walked away feeling much better than the day before.

As Will, Max and Henry were readying to leave, Alton Gardiner asked Will for a moment of his time. Not wanting to be waylaid two nights in a row, he told Max and Henry he’d be there momentarily. When they were left alone in the conference room, Will asked, “Out with it Gardiner, what do you want?”

Alton leaned his large frame on the table to ease his weight off his feet. “Succinct and to the point, I like that. Have you decided what you’re going to tell Elisa?”

“Her name is Liz, or Elisabeth– it is never Elisa. And I intend to tell her everything just as soon as I get back to Boston and we can sit down to discuss matters.”

“I would like, more than anything, a place in my granddaughter’s life and would move heaven and earth to make that happen.”

“Sir, with all due respect, sometimes it’s simply too late for apologies. Whatever Liz decides, I’ll stand by her. As for you, I’m doing my best to save this company… not for you, but for the people who work here and because it’s the right thing to do. As for all your grandiose plans, Liz doesn’t need your help or your money and I would marry her even if she didn’t have one red cent to her name. You have no power over me, old man and I wouldn’t hold much stock in your having any power over Liz either.”

Before Alton could try to rationalize his actions again, Will had another thought. “And as for your boy Hill… his happily employed days are numbered. I’ll make sure Liz has all the legal counsel she needs without having her attorney be your lackey. Are we understood?”

Alton frowned. He didn’t understand why the boy couldn’t see that he only had Elisa’s best interests at heart, the same as Will did. “Yes, Darcy. I don’t think you left any room for misunderstanding.”

“Good. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m having dinner with my people this evening.”

Nodding that he understood he would be given no more time to persuade Will to his side, Alton nodded. The two left the room in silence. Max, Henry and Will stepped into one of the elevators and offered to hold it so Alton could ride down with them, but he declined, saying he had a few phone calls to make. Just before the elevator door shut, Will decided to be nice- an influence from Liz, no doubt- and he casually said to Alton, “Gardiner, Elisabeth finished her last exam today and is about to be awarded her doctorate. Just thought you might like to know.”

Then, the elevator door closed, leaving behind a speechless Alton Gardiner.

Henry had been listening and was thrilled with the news. “Miss Gardiner did it? Please send her my congratulations.”

“She did,” Will said proudly. “Thank you, I’ll be sure and tell her this evening.”

Max was intrigued. “Your fiancé is a doctor? What’s her specialty?”

Will smiled. He knew Max was expecting him to say orthopedics or oncology, something in the medical field. He took great satisfaction is saying, “Physics.”

Max, just as Will suspected, had not expected that. “Indeed? I’m impressed. She sounds too smart for you, Will.” He pointed to his temple, “Are you sure she’s all there?”

Will rolled his eyes as they exited the elevator. “Yes, her faculties are completely intact. She’s brilliant and the only flaw I can find is that she, for some inexplicable reason, loves me. As this character flaw works greatly in my favor, I’m willing to overlook it.”

Max laughed and clapped Will on the shoulder. “That’s my boy.”

Henry interrupted, “Did the two of you need me for anything this evening?”

Will wanted to say yes, especially if it meant keeping Henry out of trouble, but the fact was Henry was a grown man and needed to live his own life and make his own mistakes. “No, I don’t. Max?”

“I think we’re good. In fact, after the change this afternoon- excellent work there, Darcy- I thought I might just go home instead of sitting in on a war council. What say you boss?”

“An evening all to myself, free of Axiom? Sounds perfect.” Will shook Max’s hand. “Until tomorrow, then.”

Max waved good-bye and got into his waiting car.

Will turned to Henry, “Reynolds, can I drop you somewhere, or are you headed back to the flat?”

Henry shook his head. It was plain that Will had a pretty good idea how to use his free time. “I’m good, sir. You have a good night.” He laughed as he watched Will practically dive into the car. “Be sure to pass on my congratulations when you see Miss Gardiner!”

At first, Will was about to deny his plans, but then he realized Henry, having met Liz, would understand. “I will, Reynolds. See you at nine forty-five am, sharp.”

The moment he shut the door, he knocked on the partition and gave the driver his destination. Next, he punched a number on his mobile and the cheery voice of Captain Wentworth answered. “Yes, Mr. Darcy? What can I do for you this evening?”

“You can have my plane ready to leave for Boston in about a half-hour. I find myself free this evening and want to go home. I’ll need to be back tomorrow morning, preferably by eight, eight-thirty at the latest. Will any of that be a problem?”

Frederick had missed this kind of assignment for so long. There was an undeniable freedom in being able to fly here or there on a moment’s notice. “Absolutely not, sir. I look forward to seeing you shortly.”

Will made excellent time to the airport. With only the clothes on his back and his briefcase, Will boarded his Gulfstream where he was greeted by Frederick Wentworth. It was only when he sat down on the jet that Will began to wonder just how sound his plan was. “Tell me, Wentworth, am I completely barmy for flying to Boston just for the night?”

“Pardon my impertinence, sir, but isn’t your fiancé back in Boston?”

“She is.”

“Then no, sir, you’re not barmy at all. We are, all of us, fools in love. You’ll be her hero, sir.” The odd look on Will’s face caused him to stammer, “Not that you aren’t already her hero, sir.”

“What? No, Wentworth… you just reminded me of something that Liz said to me earlier, that’s all. How long until we’re airborne?”

“Just waiting to hear from the tower, sir. I don’t imagine it will be long until they clear us for flight. In fact, if you’ll strap in, I’ll head up front to await word for takeoff.”

Will agreed and within twenty minutes they were in the air. They touched down at Logan just before seven pm. He thanked Wentworth and assured him he was free until the morning. Wentworth informed Will there was a car waiting to take him wherever he wanted. He liked his people to take initiative and could see that the Captain would be a definite asset. “Wentworth, forget the trial period… the job’s yours is you want it.”

“Thank you, Mr. Darcy. I’ll take it.”

“Excellent. I’ll have legal draw up a contract for you when we get to London. See you here at what time in the morning?”

“By seven to seven-fifteen if you wish to be back by eight or so. I’ve already posted flight plans, so we should have no issues in the morning. If that’s all, then allow me to bid you a good night, sir.”

Will nodded and said he’d be there. The moment he got in the car, he couldn’t wait any longer to call Liz. She answered on the first ring. “Hey, you. How’s your meeting going?”

“Dreadfully dull. Absolute bore.” It wasn’t a lie. Any time spent without her seemed dull and boring. “I’m on my own for a moment in a car, though.”

“Aw… poor William! You do know there are worse things than being chauffeured around?”

Will only chuckled in response.

“Have you had dinner yet, at least? Please tell me that you’ve at least eaten something.”

“Not yet, but I intend to in just a few minutes. Have you dined yet tonight?”

“Well, no… I had a late lunch and when I checked my sugar last, I was fine. I’m thinking about ordering a pizza.”

“Really?” An idea began to form in his mind. This would be much better than showing up with flowers. “And where would you order this pizza from?”

“Bostone’s over on Newbury. Why?”

“Just curious.” He rapped on the partition and when the driver lowered it, he repeated what Liz said. “So, going to Bostone’s over on Newbury. I take it its good.”

“It’s decent for Boston pizza. Don’t get me wrong… Bostone’s is good, but being a Chicago girl, I haven’t found anyone who gets deep dish right like we do.”

“Ah, I understand. And what were you thinking of getting? Maybe I’ll get some pizza for dinner, too. Isn’t New York supposed to be famous for its pizza as well?”

“Yeah, but their pizza is different. It’s all about the thin, gigantic slices. In fact, never ask for a piece of pizza in New York. It’s a slice. I wouldn’t want you to cause an international incident.”

“No,” he agreed with a chuckle, “we certainly wouldn’t want that.”

They debated what kinds of toppings were appropriate for pizza and whenever Will disagreed, Liz reminded him how much he’d enjoyed the spinach and feta pizza back in Chicago. After nearly fifteen minutes, Liz had concluded she was going to order an antipasto salad, the famous cheesy bread and the tomato basil traditional pizza, fully intending for there to be leftovers that she would eat for breakfast. Will’s car had just pulled up in front of the restaurant, so he gallantly offered to get off the line so she could place her order. They said their good-byes and Liz reminded him of their date for later, Will insisting that there was no way he could possibly forget.

Will stepped inside and caught one of the young men behind the counter’s attention. “Excuse me, my fiancé is likely placing an order at this very moment and I’d like to amend the order if possible.”

The young man had no idea what to say to such a request. “Uh, I don’t know if we can really do something like that. Our customers are really into their privacy.”

“I understand. Tell you what… if I can give you her exact order, her name and her address, would you allow it then? I’m home early from a business trip and would love to surprise her.”

“Yeah, that might be okay. If, and that’s a big if, you can do it.”

“Fine, her name is Liz Gardiner, she lives at 180 Beacon Street and she should have ordered cheesy bread, a salad- antipasto, I think- and a tomato basil pizza. Please, help me out here… I’ll make it worth your while if you do.”

The young man was impressed. Everything Will had said was exactly right. Now he wondered what was in it for him. “How?”

“A fifty for you, and another fifty for the driver that would have taken the order over. Is that fair?”

The young man grinned. He had no intention of telling the guy with more money than brains that he was the driver who would be up for that order. There was a lot he could do with an extra hundred. “Yeah, that’s fair.”

“Good. Can we change the pizza from the small to the large? And add one of those chicken parmigiana subs?”

“No problem. We’ll have this up for you within fifteen or so.” He cancelled Liz’s order and put in the new, expanded one. He gave the total and Will paid the bill, plus the hundred extra. When the order was ready, Will didn’t want the food to get cold and asked for one of the delivery bags.

The kid grinned, fully expecting another portrait of President Grant to join the other two already in his wallet. “Those cost extra. They ain’t free.”

“No, I suppose not. But since they’re not free, I believe that means they have a price. How much?”

The kid explained, “They cost us forty, but then we gots all the hassle of orderin’ in a new one.”

“Is fifty enough?”

“Perfect!” He then put Will’s order in a delivery hot-bag and wished his new “friend” the best of luck.

Will got back in the car and informed the driver that their final destination of the night would be 180 Beacon Street. They pulled up in front of Liz’s building in less than ten minutes. Will dismissed the driver for the night, but not before arranging a pick-up for the morning. Will, carrying his new hot-bag, used his key card to enter the building without being buzzed in.

As he approached the Doorman’s station, he greeted Guillermo with a friendly hello.

“Well, hello and good evening right back at ya, Mr. Darcy. Boy, is Miss Gardiner gonna be glad ta see you! I suppose she don’t know nothin’ ‘bout you comin’ home early, does she now?”

“No, she does not. I had to come… I’m sure you know it was a big day for her. We’ve got a lot to celebrate tonight. I’m hoping she’ll like her surprise.”

Guillermo’s estimation of Will rose considerably. “I’m sure she will. Ya know what? You’re a little bit of alright after all, Mr. Darcy. I’m here ‘til two this mornin’, should there be anything you or Miss Gardiner need.”

He thanked Guillermo and promised to bear that in mind. As he rode the elevator to Liz’s floor, Will decided to take the burly doorman’s sudden good opinion as a victory of sorts. He had somehow finally shown he was worthy of his Elisabeth. Now, if only he could do the same for the rest of her family, then all would be well. Setting aside thoughts of the Bennets for another day, he exited the elevator and made his way to Liz’s kitchen door, the one marked for deliveries. He could hear he call from within, “I’ll be there in just a second.”

She opened the door and, for a moment, thought her mind was playing tricks on her. Liz closed her eyes and shook her head, hoping to clear away her hallucination. However, when she opened them, a very real Will was standing in her doorway, holding pizza.


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