Generally, a drabble is considered a short story of 200 words or less. I’m being a little looser in my definition and for my purposes, drabbles are essentially very, very short stories of no more than 200-500 words. A long time ago in a magical faraway place that no longer exists (and is still sadly lamented) there were many of these so-called drabbles. Lately, some enthusiasts have been re-instituting drabble challanges. I don’t do very many of these,  my own “short” stories tend to be more like 10,000 words, but the ones that I do manage will eventually make their way here.


Open-Mike Friday   (200 words- the challenge was to use “Friday”)

“What a Friday…” Elizabeth took up her shot-glass of courage at the bar and quickly downed the tequila. She had this gnawing feeling that if she didn’t do something soon, she’d regret it. So, she would stand on that stage and make a complete and utter fool of herself for him.

Darcy watched her down yet another shot and though he dearly wished to stop her, he knew he couldn’t. Hadn’t she made her feelings perfectly clear already? The last thing she wanted was for him to interfere in her life. He laid some money down on the table and said goodnight to Charlie and Jane. His heart couldn’t take much more of this.

As he got up to leave, she took the stage. Her shaky voice said, “This is for you, Will,” as she began to sing.

“Guess mine is not the first heart broken, my eyes are not the first to cry. I’m not the first to know, there’s just no gettin’ over you.”

Their eyes met across the room and they knew.

He met her at the stage when she was done and pulled her into his arms. “You stole my line! I’m hopelessly devoted to you!”



Alfredo, Alfresco, same thing….  (299 words- the challenge was using the word “alfresco”)

Caroline Bingley arrived in the conference room at B&D Enterprises with a luncheon basket.

Anxious to see what was inside; Charles Bingley snatched it from her hands and asked, “Carrie! Whatcha you got in here?”

Attempting to retrieve the basket from her irritating brother, Caroline said, “I thought I’d bring you and William some lunch today. You two work much too hard.”

William Darcy tried not to show his obvious distaste for his best friend and business partner’s sister but it was getting more and more difficult over time. “We do what we have to Caroline. Someone’s got to keep things in line.”

Bingley laughed. “Better you than me! Now Carrie, what’s in the basket? I don’t know about Darce, but I’m starving!”

Caroline set the basket down on the conference table and began to unpack it. She pulled out some plates, glasses and utensils, a bottle of wine, a salad and some crusty bread and a large bowl of homemade pasta.

Scrunching up his face and trying hard to ignore the awful smell, Darcy inquired, “What in God’s name is that?”

Caroline proudly answered, “Pasta Alfredo… I distinctly heard you telling someone on the phone that alfredo was your favorite lunch and so that’s what I’ve brought. Surprise!”

From the doorway of the conference room, Lizzy Bennet, holding a luncheon basket of her own, corrected Caroline. “Alfresco, Caroline. William prefers his lunch outside- alfresco.” Lizzy turned to William and asked, “Ready Sweetheart?”

With a grin, he answered, “Yes Darling. Caroline, thanks for the thought. You and Charles have a good lunch and I’ll see you after I finish picnicking with my fiancée.”

William and Lizzy left behind a fuming Caroline and a highly amused Bingley.

Caroline shrieked, “Fiancée?!”

Laughing, Bingley simply replied, “I told you not to eavesdrop!”


Afredo, Alfresco, same thing…. (drabble part two- thanks Enid!)

 William Darcy and Lizzy Bennet were walking on the path to their favorite picnic spot in the park across from B&E Enterprises. Lizzy was still shocked by Caroline’s behavior. “I can’t believe she eavesdropped on you! What did she expect, really? That she’d show up with a bowl of overcooked noodles and you’d fall madly in love with her? I knew she was delusional, but… wow!”

William squeezed her hand and pulled her off the path into a very secluded spot. “I think I like that I can inspire a little bit of jealousy in you!”

Lizzy began to protest but he stopped her. “No, it’s only fair after all the torture you’ve put me through! I enjoy seeing you defend what’s yours.”

She threw her arms around him and pulled him in close for a long, passionate kiss. “And you are definitely mine!”

“No doubt about it!” William chuckled. “Now, what’s in your basket? What’s for lunch?”

Lizzy knelt on the grass beside the basket and pulled out not one, but two blankets which she spread out.

“Darling, did you forget the food?”

“Nope. Today we are dining of the food of love.”

“My favorite dish and served alfresco!”