So, want to know what Liz’s house in Kenilworth looked like? Curious about McGovern’s? What’s Culver’s anyways? I’ve got links and pictures for you!

What’s Liz’s car rental from the King Agency where you are ‘King of the Road’?

Most likely a 2010 Chrysler 300c Touring Edition!

It took a bit to work out what kind of car could actually accomodate trapping Will & Liz together in the trunk area and that had a high enough rear ‘deck’  to make it difficult for Liz to get her luggage into. The Chrysler 300c is a roomy enough full-size sedan that even my own DH (6’4″ and 250, built like a linebacker) fits comfortably in, so I knew that my fictional Darcy wouldn’t feel too squashed in it!   

The Chrysler 300c offers, like many sedans, 60/40 fold-down seats which allow trunk access from the interior of the car. Very useful for authors who wish to strand their characters on the side of I-94 in a snowstorm!

The 300 also has a trunk that after you shove around a bag or two and untangle an arm from a strap, could fit two people cuddled together… assuming that Will’s legs dangled over the center console a bit!

Anyways, the King Agency has shown exceptional guest service to Liz. They replaced the faulty car and provided a new one as promptly as they could.

The George Maher 1904 Corbin House in Kenilworth, Illinois.

Obviously real people live here and not my fictional characters… This is the house that I pictured the Gardiners living in. These houses are highly valued and the community is very tight-knit. When Bennet married Fran, she tried really hard to fit into the country-club WASP set but my Fran Bennet is probably at least three times as vulgar as Austen’s.

Monty Python’s Dead Parrot/Lumberjack Song sketch

This is the sketch that Will & his dad drove his mum to distraction with! (My fave!)

How to bribe a teenage girl…


 You buy her the most amazing custard treats ever!

       Check out Culver’s in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin!

Culver’s is a midwestern chain that got it’s start in Wisconsin and are famous for their ‘butter-burgers’. The frozen custard is amazing and they have unique ‘flavor of the days’ in addition to the regular treats. The burgers are great, Culver’s ‘house’ root beer is amazing and they simply make the best crinkle-cut fries. If in your travels you find yourself near one, stop in and place an order! I guarantee that you’ll be happier than if you went to McDonald’s or Burger King!

McGovern’s of Sun Prairie, Wisconsin

Links: McGovern’s History & McGovern’s website

Not much to look at from the street, but everyone who stays here highly recommends it. Reviews on independent websites like Trip Adviser all give it great ratings. The Supper Club and Irish Bar are some of the best places in town to dine and have a great time. Live entertainment is often found in addition to comedy and karaoke nights.

This is what one of the double rooms would look like.

The following four pictures depict one of the suites.

For a mom-and-pop operation, I think the suites here are quite sweet!

The vehicles that gave Will & Liz near heart-attacks?

The Bennet’s tan Ford Excursion, fresh from Arizona. (not really…)

Carrie’s Orange 2010 Volvo C-30.

I imagine her plate reads:

Yes, this plate is still available through the New York DMV. Their website allows you to look up available plates and I screen-capped this. Thank you New York DMV!

Liz’s personal theme song?

She Blinded Me With Science by Thomas Dolby

The song that made Will nuts at the Wander Inn?

Baby, It’s Cold Outside from the Elf Soundtrack

Clothing Odds & Ends- Will & Liz


 Liz’s clothes for bed…

MIT flannel shorts & a Schrodinger shirt (she has more).


Will wore black watch plaid boxers and an Oxford tee.



 Will’s Christmas present from Liz

The book which Liz gave Will is indeed real and is a book I was once given as a gag (I hope!) gift. 

Always Look on the Bright Side of Life aka Georgiana’s ringtone

This is the song, well chorus anyways, that Will uses for when his baby sister rings him.


 The dresses!!


 Caroline’s dress is, well, very orange and is of unknown design. I looked up some vintage Gucci from the sixties and there were some of similar style and so that’s what it is for our purposes. Christian Louboutin boots are standing in for Dennis Fields who is a figment made up for the story. Catherine’s dress is an ABS dress. Since ABS is famous for knock-offs, it made sense to have Carrie take pride in Catherine’s dress having been worn by a Celeb (fill in the Nicole of your choice) to the premier of a movie based on one of Charlie’s books. Again, Louboutin’s sub in for Dennis Fields. (I could never ever wear such shoes myself! Wide feet…) Liz’s dress is Vera Wang, but not a current gown. It was hard to find an orange-ish gown that didn’t look too bridesmaid-y or poofy 80’s prom-ish. Liz suffered enough humiliation without having to wear a clown-gown!  Her shoes are unknown… but we can attribute them to the fictional Dennis Fields. 

Will’s other boxer shorts…

Earlier it was mentioned that Will was wearing ‘football’ shorts. In my mind, they could be none other than CF’s Arsenal shorts from Fever Pitch.

Will's Arsenal boxers

 And his Cambridge boxers:

Will's Cambridge boxers

Liz’s phone alarm: Go U Northwestern

 Even though Liz attended Northwestern for only a year, she loved the school and so uses their fight song as the alarm for her phone. (MIT’s alleged fight song is We Are the Engineers and just never struck a chord with Liz!)

Will’s unfortunate hunting undergarments

ODB would be much more comfortable if his clothes actually fit him like they should! Unfortunately, Charlie stands at 5’9″ (though he’ll swear he’s 5’10”) and is of medium build where Darcy is a very robust and athletically built 6’4″.   


Will's borrowed clothes

So, when you imagine the clothes… imagine the difference between David Banner and the Hulk.

Hulk vs Bruce Banner

Liz’s $3,250,000 Back Bay condo on Beacon Hill

I know that we’re not quite to Boston yet, but here’s ODG’s “humble” abode. 

Click this link to see her apartment: Liz’s floorplan Virtual tour:  

So, that’s it for now… more will get posted in the near future, I’m sure.

If there’s anything else you’d like a visual on, just email me at: and I’ll be happy to see what I can do!

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